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AfricaArray Field School – Day 19 – Final Presentations and Celebrations

To finish off the field school, everyone gave a presentation. The geophysics groups gave one on a particular scientific question, while the geochem people talked about what they had been up to.

These were generally pretty cool, especially the geochem. This was mostly because I had no real idea what they had been up to, and it was good to hear. They have done some fairly original (preliminary) studies which sound well worthwhile, and certainly add something to the knowledge of the Molopo Farms Complex (which seems to be related to the Bushveld Complex).

For the rest, because I was involved in gathering at least some of the data, there were no big surprises. The magnetic data was pretty interesting though, and might lead to some revision being required for the geological map of the area, which is always nice to know.

After the presentations, we headed over to the geosciences building and had a late lunch/farewell celebration. We all got certificates of attendance, which was nice. They did get “Bentley” wrong though, which makes me wonder if “Bently” a common name?

Certificate! Whee!

We also got some t-shirts, sponsored by MeerCat and Red Dog:

Stylish t-shirts.

After that, we headed to Musa’s (Dr Manzi) for the real celebration. This was a really good chance for everyone to unwind and say farewell. A couple of people did not attend, because they were leaving that night.

While I will write a full retrospective, I just want to say that this was a really worthwhile opportunity, and if I could go again I certainly would. If there is anyone considering helping this iniative in some way, it is definitely a valuable. Growing earth science capacity in Africa is something that needs to happen, more people need to understand what and how earth sciences work, and how valuable they can be for development. Things such as this field school are a great way to do this, and should be encouraged.