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Something that I have idly been pondering for a few weeks now has to do with the renaming of streets. Durban, the most populous city in KwaZulu-Natal has renamed a lot of them in the last decade or so. Since I mentioned it obliquely on Twitter (1, 2) earlier, I thought I would write it […]

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AfricaArray Field School – Day 19 – Final Presentations and Celebrations

To finish off the field school, everyone gave a presentation. The geophysics groups gave one on a particular scientific question, while the geochem people talked about what they had been up to. These were generally pretty cool, especially the geochem. This was mostly because I had no real idea what they had been up to, […]

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OpenCon 2014

So, I got to go to my first international conference. And what a conference. I suspect it may have spoiled me for future ones…. Apart from the fact that I could say that I literally flew to Washington DC for the weekend (OK, and the Friday and Monday) which was such a short time, it […]

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Open South African Geological Data

In the last couple of years, I have had a growing interest in the open data and open access movement. I have not really done too much yet, being located on the periphery of what might be done, and with a lack of a specific project/problem to tackle. That said, I think that I have […]