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Graticules in QGIS

A question came up recently on the Spatial Community slack about getting graticules for a map in a QGIS layout. This is a quick overview of making these visible. If there are unclear or otherwise problematic sections to the below, please let me know. This newly-created grid needs to be modified to be visible and […]

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(Ab)Using themes in QGIS to make an atlas

Recently I needed to generate a number of maps of the same place, but with different raster data for map. Given that I had way too many for me to want to manually manage each raster layer, I asked for a different approach on the Spatial Community Slack, and this is what was suggested: Create […]

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QGIS Nightly Install – Windows

For my own reference, as much as anything else, how to install the latest nightly for QGIS on Windows using the OSGeo4W installer. Download the OSGeo4W for your version of Windowsfrom the QGIS Website. For me I ended up getting and running osgeo4w-setup-x86_64.exe. From here, the following is a step-by-step guide: Select Advanced Install. Choose […]