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QGIS Nightly Install – Windows

For my own reference, as much as anything else, how to install the latest nightly for QGIS on Windows using the OSGeo4W installer.

Download the OSGeo4W for your version of Windowsfrom the QGIS Website. For me I ended up getting and running osgeo4w-setup-x86_64.exe.

From here, the following is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Select Advanced Install.
  2. Choose a Download Source: Select Install from Internet
  3. Select Root Installation Directory: I stick with All Users.
  4. Select local Package: The default works fine.
  5. Select you internet connection: Whatever you have to, mine is a Direct Connection.
  6. Choose a download site: works fine, but if you have a mirror that you need, add it here.
  7. Select Packages: These are expandable. So find Desktop and expand it. If it is not installed yet, then you will look for qgis-dev in the Package column. Click on the New column for that row and change Skip to the version that you wish to install ( as I write this). [Edit: you should also install qgis-dev-pdb, which will improve the debugging of any issues that do crop up.] If you are updating, it should show a different number for Current and New.
  8. Resolve Dependencies: You should probably install the dependencies that are needed. Some dependencies may have additional license agreements, which you will be asked to agree to.
  9. Progress: Watch the pretty progress bars fill up as your packages are downloaded. This may take a while.
  10. Click finish, and enjoy your new version.

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