Call for posts – Accretionary Wedge, Geollowe’en Edition

In the absence of anyone more suitable, I am going to be hosting the November Accretionary Wedge. It being November’s, it will be Hallowe’en themed, or much more appropriately, Geollowe’en (which works pretty well with my accent at least). So, keep an eye out for the geological pumpkins, rock candy (that is a thing, right?) and trick and treating trilobites in order to share them here.

This call for posts is a bit early, in order to allow people to keep an eye out in a few weeks. Deadline to be around 14 November-ish?

I am not really sure that I will have much to post myself, since South Africa does not do the whole Hallowe’en thing in any sort of seriousness, let alone Geollowe’en, but I look forward to what other people have spotted.

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