Accretionary Wedge 55 – When Rocks Fight Back

This month’s ¬†Accretionary Wedge is asking about injuries obtained in the cause of geoscience. I do not really have any photos of gaping wounds and such, but nearly had a fairly nasty one once.

While looking at a roadcutting along the N2 a short way outside Grahamstown, I got fairly high up on the roadcut to look more closely at somwthing that seemed interesting. My background in rock climbing probably makes me a little blase about clambering on rocks, so I was higher than I probably needed to be for this particular exercise. I then needed to get down, so started to descend. Then, because of a quirk of the Rhodes geology department, summarised as “light rain will not deter fieldwork”, I slipped on the slightly slippery rock.

This lead to a poorly controlled careen down towards the base of the outcrop. If there had been no road, I would have been able to run it out easily. As it was, because my mind was occupied with things other than looking both ways before I cross a national route (note to kids: this is a bad thing), I elected to take the fall harder than needed. This lead to me hitting the ground in the emergency lane. The sole damage done was a scraped knee and a ripped trouser leg.

Still, when considering what may have happened if there had been heavy traffic, I think that I got off pretty lightly.

I apogise for the lack of blogging, but my faithful laptop died a week or two ago. I have some interesting stuff (I hope) in the pipeline though. The fact that I did this on my phone also accounts for any unusual spolling mistooks that have crept in.