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Farmhouse cookies

I made these the other day as a replacement for my choc chunk cookies half of which I had promised to give away. I didn’t have my camera that day, and proceeded to scoff them down before I got a chance to take photos so apologies on the lack of pictures. Ill add some the next time I make some 🙂 These are very similar to the Peanut butter oat choc chunk cookies I made the other day. These actually require muesli but as I am not a muesli eater I decided to just use quick oats, on the other hand this recipe has raisins and I adore cooked raisins (best part of bread pudding!). They came out extremely crumbly so i suspect I may of been a little stingy with either the butter or sugar, will have to experiment to see which it is.. Also this is the first recipe on here to actually come from my multitude of cookbooks and not the internet. Specifically they are the first recipe in 500 Cakes and Bakes a lovely book I was given for Xmas by martin’s family/mother 2 years ago. Also for someone who rarely makes cookies I surely seem […]


Peanut-butter oat choc chunk cookies

Baking I think has officially become my ultimate procrastination tool. My brain seems to go ” I don’t feel like writing these results, I believe I shall that new cookie recipe I saw the other day.” I swear the visiting lecturer things I live in a bakery every time I have seen her I have presented her with baked goods in one form or another. Today’s procrastination took the form of cookies. It should be noted cookies are not really my forte, once I was trying out some type of orange cookies (cant remember what they were called) and once I put them in the oven I ended up with a huge bubbling orange melted mess in my pan which while tasty, turned everyone’s teeth orange and resembled in no shape or form baked goods.. That being said there is one recipe that has never failed me since I was small, the peanut butter choc chip recipe we got off the back of the bag of chocolate chips. While those are always a hit, I came across this one: Oatmeal peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and I couldn’t resist. Although mainly due to the fact that I have a large […]