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Construction Day

So I built a few things today. The first was finishing my stilts off: I think I might need to replace the current velcro straps with something that I can pull tight, but we shall see. These are a pretty modest 50cm or so high, and largely experimental. I might make so taller ones once I get the hang of these. The second item was a rola bola (also termed a balance board). Basically a PVC pipe and a 12mm thick board of shutterply. Feels very strange, sort of like floating. The last item was a box to put all my toys in: This still needs to be painted, but has room for quite a bit more stuff. It currently has a whole mess of balls, mostly for workshops/teaching, my clubs, a diabolo and a couple sets of poi. Quite a successful day, I think. If anyone wants designs or more photos, email me or get in touch on twitter.