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Unicycle Choices

Since my primary unicycle broke last weekend (see my race report), I am looking at options for a replacement. This seems a good opportunity to provide a brief write-up on the pros and cons of various wheel sizes, as they pertain to unicycling at least. In general, larger wheels are more difficult to start riding, since they roll further and are more sensitive to pedal input. On the other hand, they move faster (due to afore-mentioned larger roll-out), so are more suitable for longer trips. 20″ 20″ (and 19″) unicycles are often the first that people try. The smaller wheel size makes them more suitable for learning on (I learned on a 20″ borrowed from a friend). They are also the ride of choice for trials and flatland, where the generally higher control (due to low roll-out) that can be attained is desirable. They are also popular for hockey or polo. 24″ 24″ unicycles were for a long time the standard. They are still popular for freestyle riding and hockey/polo. They are also often used for very technical downhill MUni. 26″ Relatively recent, but becoming very popular due to a couple reasons: a) there are a huge number of tyre […]