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Stealing John Nelson’s Imhof-Inspired Style

Recently, because I like cartography stuff, I have been seeing a blogpost by John Nelson at ESRI about a very pretty style that he developed. It is inspired by the style of Eduard Imhof. John’s style is developed for ArcGIS Pro. I, on the other hand, use QGIS. At its heart, the style is pretty simple: satellite imagery, under a regular hillshade, under a multi-directional hillshade, under a “mist” linked to elevation. Here is how I made my own version in QGIS. You need a base image to use. I found that using the Quick Map Services plugin you can get some good imagery using the EOX::Maps – Sentinel-2 cloudless layer. You might have other imagery that you prefer. Then, you need a digital elevation map for your area. If you have one, great. If not, then the SRTM data is probably your best bet, since that has 30m accuracy for most of the globe. You will need to export this into a projected coordinate system, like the UTM zone best suited for your area of interest, or the hillshading will go a bit squiffy. Apparently the hillshade uses the units it is projected in, so working with a DEM […]