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Greytown MTB Festival

The 12th of May, mothers’ day. Fittingly, my mum decided that she had nothing better to do, and came along. Also the Greytown MTB Festival’s main race. I had signed up for the 20km race. Leaving Eshowe early we went the back way, via Middledrift and Kranskop. Our reward was watching the sun rise over the Tugela Valley. Arriving at the venue, it was cold. Like frost and blizzard cold. Well, not quite, but certainly much colder than a Zululand boy likes. The turn out was pretty good, with a number of people milling around. The coffee stand was doing a roaring trade. The profile showed a relatively non-scary race ahead, with no huge climbs or descents. The announcer pointed out that I was in flagrant violation of the CSA rules about “both wheels needing to be the same size” or similar malarkey, which I think amused him as much as it did me. The start was fairly flat and uneventful, going along some good farm roads. The marshalls were generally flabbergasted at my coming through. I managed to stay in touch with the field here, but got left behind on a long, sweeping downhill, so I was soon in […]


Construction Day

So I built a few things today. The first was finishing my stilts off: I think I might need to replace the current velcro straps with something that I can pull tight, but we shall see. These are a pretty modest 50cm or so high, and largely experimental. I might make so taller ones once I get the hang of these. The second item was a rola bola (also termed a balance board). Basically a PVC pipe and a 12mm thick board of shutterply. Feels very strange, sort of like floating. The last item was a box to put all my toys in: This still needs to be painted, but has room for quite a bit more stuff. It currently has a whole mess of balls, mostly for workshops/teaching, my clubs, a diabolo and a couple sets of poi. Quite a successful day, I think. If anyone wants designs or more photos, email me or get in touch on twitter.