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Zini Buffalo Classic

The first of my local races for the year is the Zini Buffalo Classic. I did it last year, and it is the first race in the Big 5 Mountain Bike Series. I did four of the five races last year, and apparently have become a bit of a talking point. It seems taking on 25km worth of mountain bike race on a unicycle gets one noticed. My sister, her husband and my mum decided to come along, just because. So we all trooped down to Mtunzini. At the start were many familiar faces from last year. Lots of the usual reaction (something along the lines of: “No bloody way” or “Are you actually serious?”) while waiting for everything to get started. I did offer to swap, but no one took me up on it. Strange, that. Last year I did the race with Johnny, but I think he was on call or otherwise engaged. The start was the same as last year, down the fairway and back up the next one, then into the Zini River Estate and down to the river proper. Someone had realised that it was better to let the faster 50km riders go in front […]



Yeah, so this is not a race report, but it is of interest. The current curator of @curateZAR happens to be a travel nut (that might be putting it mildly…). Since I travel a far bit in northern KwaZulu-Natal, I figured she might like some of the photos I have taken. Without further ado: Hope these are enjoyed.


Karkloof Classic 2013

So, I owe you all some race reports. First up is the Karkloof Classic. Which was half rained out. And the half that was not was as muddy as a muddy thing. The idea was that this was a whole festival, with numerous races, including a night ride on the Friday, an enduro on the Saturday and the feature event, your choice of 60km, 40km, 20km or 10km on the Sunday. I entered for the enduro and the 20km event. Arriving at the site, I immediately wished for the gumboots I had left at work. It was muddy and wet, and the rain was still coming down. I would have been even more worried if it was coming up or sideways, because then there would have been some truly horrible winds. I squelched over to the registration table and did all the required stuff. The enduro was to start a short distance away. Except, being non-local and with the direction sense of a… Well, actually my sense of direction is pretty decent, but there were no signs and no indication of where to go. After wandering around the back roads near Howick I decided to pack it in and laugh […]