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Where on Google Earth #355

Where on Google Earth is this?

Since I was able to locate the brilliant blue waters of the Bahamas in Felix Bossert’s #354, it falls to me to give you somewhere to look for. As a newcomer, I have chosen something quite (very?) easy, but apparently the pace of the game is slow right now, so the Schott Rule is not in effect. Where is this:  This should be a quick game, so good luck. EDIT: (2012-09-30) It appears that my judgement was off, so here is a bit of a hint: This is found on the edge of a major structure in the southern hemisphere. EDIT2: (2012-10-07) The structure is in Africa. It is easily found using your favourite search-engine, should you know what to search for.


Geology on the Interwebses

I have been upping the number of people I am following on Twitter recently. This has a bit of a snowball effect, in that following more people brings the people that they follow into your view and you start following them. The vast majority of people I have followed in the last few weeks have been scientists, specifically geologists/palæontologists/earth scientists or societies for them. While this is good, in that I genuinely find this stuff interesting, it also brings home how little I am keeping up with the field. What I do find worthwhile is that I am able to hear about interesting stuff, like Where on (Google) Earth. WoGE is a bit of a puzzle/treasure hunt, wherein an image (or images) of a geologically interesting place are posted and the first person to respond with the coördinates of the place shown (and something about the geology) posts the next image. Another, vaguely related, event is the Accretionary Wedge, whereby a number of bloggers within the earth sciences write on a particular theme each month. The range of views is an interesting overview on just how broad the earth sciences are: you get geophysicists, geologists, climatologists, palæontologists, planetary ecologists…. In […]


A Start

So, I found that Tiki-wiki was giving me issues with its image gallery. I have therefore migrated to WordPress, since all the cool kids are doing it, and I have always cared about what the cool kids are doing…. There a few things I would like to do with this, but the primary purpose is for me to get some thoughts and things out there. Comments are disabled, since I am not necessarily looking to start dialogue or debate. There are other channels for allowing that, and sticking it in this lonely little corner of the internet is not really helpful. Consider this an attempt to prevent fragmenting good thoughts to far-flung, little trafficked locations. In any case, this will be the home for whatever strikes my fancy.